Houseless and Educated: PSU Research Center seeks status of student and faculty housing


editor’s note: Classes at PSU begin September 30th, we originally reported that they would begin on September 22nd.

Portland State University‘s Homelessness Research and Action Collaborative (HRAC) is developing and will soon email a 49 question survey out to their student body and faculty asking about their current housing status. 

This is being done in an attempt to better understand how the current housing crisis might be impacting those affiliated with the university.

“Houselessness is a very difficult subject to address and that is why the research center was created” co-director of the HRAC Greg Townley states, “We are aware of a few students who are being impacted by the current lack of affordable housing but want to get the full picture if possible.” 

According to research by Temple University cited on the HRAC site, about 10 -14% of college students are potentially experiencing houselessness at any given time. 

On the HRAC website’s research section it says, “the Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative brings together researchers from across Portland State University along with people experiencing homelessness, advocates, service providers, city and county policymakers and other stakeholders to address issues related to homelessness.”

There are a fair amount of resources for students struggling financially or experiencing houselessness and the HRAC has meticulously listed them on a different section of their site.

“Knowing that people might be uncomfortable divulging that they are currently or could, in the near future, become houseless we will be making the survey anonymous and it will simply ask questions about what kind of issues are causing the situation,” Townley said.

According to Townley the survey should be fully written and emailed to all students and faculty during the first few weeks of the fall term, which starts September 22nd 30th.

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