Getting to know PSU’s neighborhood, a tour from a long-term neighbor


The PSU neighborhood is 48 acres full of fascinating people, activities, food places, and retail. Not to mention the PSU infrastructure

There are lots of new things each week like food places opening, movies, entertainment and plenty of places to relax and have drinks and food with friends.

The serious part of the day starts with students quietly getting off the street car and buses. With laptops and phones in hand, they maneuver through the streets— often without looking— finally arriving at their destination for study and learning.


The grease that lets things move include the streetcar, TriMet,  buses, plus, the new super-duper scooters you see morning noon and night. Permanent status remains to be determined.

A clear presence of police authorities helps to keep everyone safe and doing the right thing, and health sign suggestions on not drinking and smoking in public add to the positive nature of the area. Obeyed by most people.

Expressed strongly in the 25 central blocks of school retail and students, surrounding areas including athletic fields roads and dormitories. Everything is accessible in a matter of several minutes walking. No one really needs a car in the neighborhood. That’s important.

Other  key places to look for “to do” information in the PSU neighborhood.

A prime spot it Is located between Cramer and Smith Hall. Two or three large bulletin boards that highlights both academic and social fun activities taking place that day are within a few days. An excellent source for neighborhood activities.

Farmers market at the Park Blocks (10 am to 2 pm) at the Mill and Park Street car stop. 100+ local produce booths, the neighborhood landscape many specialty foods to sample, new food offerings never seen before.

A few new businesses sprung up this week: Mobri on 6th Avenue and a brand new hot beverage made from exotic mushrooms from a food cart on Mill Street– just at the streetcar stop. Samples generously offered.


We finish our neighborhood tour with a few minutes on the bench or on the grass in the park blocks. With a cold beer or hot coffee at your favorite food cart.  Walking, sitting, or observing. There’s lots of nature to observe.

Besides all the people schooling and business related stuff still a lot of “nature” in the PSU neighborhood this is usually open for fun. Ball playing.

Every day is different in the PSU neighborhood.


The corridor of plenty. Healthy, vegan, etc… whatever you crave…


In the PSU neighborhood there’s a whole assortment of activities and services  that lets you adjust to and use your spare recreational time when school is closed or simply when studies are done.

The doors to Kaplan are locked when school is not in session. The UPS store sign commands: plan and ship early if you want to get your gifts to your friends on time. Other retailers have equally as important advice posted on sandwich boards or in the store.

And all important recreation store is open for business: skiing, snowboarding kayaking. Movies will be movies– they’re there if you need them.


Last but not least the neighborhood supporters all aspects of the community as best it can.

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